The age of social media.

I’m a young person in the 21st century, I was born in the early 90’s before the first commercially recognised computers began to hit the market so I grew up during a time when you could actually be truly young and ‘free’. We’re surrounded by computers, absolutely everywhere in our daily lives every single second these days, they govern our lives with the advent of the superfast internet and constant 24/7 social browsing. You don’t get chance to live if you get tangled up in all of this social media and internet lark. 

So where has this come from? …. Well, I recently saw a video. This video actually put into perspective the fact that social media governs every aspect of some peoples existence, the need to promote yourself and constantly update what you are ‘doing’ on the internet is life for some people. When you look at it like that, it’s actually a bit sad really. You have so many friends on Facebook, yet talk to a select few online but rarely speak to them in person, having an actual conversation once in a while. So for example, I have 308 friends on Facebook yet I feel lonely at times. This is exactly what social media is doing to us, it’s actually the opposite of it’s name. 

I remember going out in the morning while growing up, i’d meet up with some other people the same kind of age in my area and we’d just chill. We’d have a laugh, play a bit of football in the cul-de-sac, climb trees and return home around 8pm covered in mud and injured. Even after school, we’d either play some football after tea or go to the local pool and cause ‘havoc’. Even with my siblings even further back, we used to be out in the sun all day actually living life. In comparison today, I hear no playful screeching in the streets or football being played or ever see anyone climbing a tree anymore. That’s because the people that should be doing those things are either engrossed on the internet, or playing on some sort of Xbox live game. IS THAT LIVING? It’s so sad to know this is happening to the next generation. Also when you stand at a bus stop or wait for a train or even ride a train. All you see is bowed heads and lit up faces, all lit up by little screens. They are reading those pointless little snippets of words on Facebook, instead of actually having a conversation with someone or looking around and taking in the surroundings. 

So I want to make a point, i’m not perfect myself. I browse Facebook and Twitter at home, on the move and everywhere really. I don’t quite understand why I do it, what gain or difference does it make? 
I want to change, I want to use it less. I want to use it purely to keep in touch with large groups which you can’t by phone. Mostly, I want to go out and live, spend real time with friends and take in life. 

I’ll leave you on that.

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